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The majority of the solar pumps sold by SCL Water are into remote locations where no mains electricity exists. Accordingly, our customers require systems that are reliable, easy to install and where an excellent support infrastructure exists.

Grundfos is the largest pump manufacturer in the world and to maintain that position their products and service proposition has to be exceptional. As part of their core values they state ‘We take pride in delivering premium quality in everything we do’ and this is reflected in their investment in Research and Development where they strive to achieve their purpose as “we pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people”
SCL has been specifying, selling and installing Grundfos pumps for over 15 years and during that time our understanding of their solar powered systems has grown significantly.

The Grundfos SQFlex positive displacement pump range is unique offering high head performance coupled with excellent flow characteristics. This range of 3” pumps has no equal in the market due to its reliability and simplicity to install. With all the electronics built into the variable speed permanent magnet motor there is no requirement for a separate inverter. That said, if really high volumes of water from significant depth are required then the Grundfos 3 phase pumps coupled to their RSi inverters provide that solution.

SCL Water Ltd is the primary UK supplier of the Grundfos solar powered pumping systems. Including the UK we have now sold the Solar powered SQF, CRF and RSi solutions into over 40 countries with the African continent being our largest market.

If you have an interest in the Grundfos solar pumps please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to model a solution to meet your requirements.