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SCL Water specialises in the specification, supply and installation of solar water pumps

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SCL has exported solar pumps to over 50 countries.

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About SCL Water

SCL Water is a family business located in South West England. We specialise in the design, selection and installation of solar powered water pumps.

Our UK customer base is diverse encompassing many commercial companies, domestic customers, farmers, drillers and installers of pumping/filtration equipment. We are one of the UK Government’s export champions and supply UK and international customers.

DC Solar Water Pump

A DC Solar water pump uses the energy created by solar panels to run the motor. The electricity generated by a solar system is Direct Current (DC) and this can be converted to Alternating Current (AC) through the connection of…

Solar Powered Water Pump

Manufacturing efficiency and technological advances have dramatically reduced the cost per watt of solar panels.Accordingly there are now many different applications running directly from solar power. These applications range from domestic chargers for mobile phones to commercial solar powered water…

Solar Water Pumping System

Good solar water pumping systems require a reliable pump powered by the energy from high quality solar panels. Simplicity and functionality are also crucial. The ability to protect the pump from dry running is critical and, when necessary, to switch…