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The Challenge: 

We were contacted by a local dairy farm who wished to supplement their existing water supply by using water from an old abandoned borehole. The water had originally been pumped to adjacent holding tanks via a solar and wind powered system.

We visited the site and established that the wind turbine was no longer viable and the two existing solar panels were old and inefficient. We recommended that these be dismantled and replaced with an array of six new larger solar panels configured in series. This simplified the overall system and produced a more efficient solution.

Dairy pumps

The existing solar powered borehole pump was lifted and returned to our workshop for testing. Unfortunately it was beyond repair and therefore a new Grundfos SQF 2.5-2 pump with 55m power cable was supplied and installed by our customer. This ran perfectly through the existing control box which was linked to a float switch in the holding tank. This solar panel support structure was constructed by our customer although we can supply mounting frames as part of the system if required.

In this project the components were purchased from SCL Water Ltd at discounted prices and our customer installed themselves taking advantage of our consultancy service.

Within seconds of the system being switched on the holding tanks were filling from the borehole water delivered by the submersible solar powered pump. Another very happy customer!

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