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SCL Water has been involved in the sale and installation of Grundfos solar powered booster pumps for over 15 years and we have many examples, particularly in Africa, where these pumps have helped communities to become healthier and more productive.

Transferring water from one location to another can be very time consuming. If the destination is up hill from the location of the water and no electricity exists to install a conventional water pump then it can also be a very arduous manual task.

100 litres of water has a weight of 100 kilos and in remote villages in Africa it can often take several hours to carry water from the source of supply to the dwellings some kilometres away. A typical solar booster pump can transfer 100 kilos of water from a spring water source to a village a kilometre away in less than five minutes. With this type of system installed it can free up a number of the community to focus on more productive tasks such as agriculture.

Our customers require systems that are reliable, easy to install and where an excellent support infrastructure exists.

Accordingly, SCL Water became distributors and the UK specialist in the Grundfos solar powered booster pumps in order to deliver on our customer’s key requirements.

SCL Water Ltd is the primary UK supplier of the Grundfos solar powered booster pumping systems. Including the UK we have now sold the Solar powered SQF, CRF and RSi solutions into over 40 countries with the African continent being our largest market.

If you have an interest in the Grundfos solar powered booster pumps please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to model a solution to meet your requirements.