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Boreholes that intercept aquifers have been drilled for centuries. In the UK an owner of land with a borehole can abstract 20000 litres of water per day without an abstraction licence. If the owner is a dairy farmer this will be enough water to satisfy the daily demand of 150 – 200 milking cows.

In the South West of England the charge for 1000 litres of water supplied by South West Water is £1.91p. If that dairy farmer pays the standard rate to satisfy his herd of 150 – 200 milking cows there will be an annual charge of just under £14,000 to that farmer.
Abstracting water from that farmer’s land would appear to be an obvious solution to saving money. However, it is often the case that the farmer’s private water source is located a significant distance from a mains supply of electricity and a generator is an expensive, environmentally unfriendly and labour intensive solution to powering a conventional borehole pump.

A cost effective solution could therefore be to install a solar borehole pump, replacing an existing pump powered by a generator. These solar borehole pumps require no maintenance and can simply run from the power generated by the solar panels.
On these occasions the borehole does not have to be re-drilled but rather the old pump removed and replaced by a modern and cost effective solution.

Our customers require systems that are reliable, easy to install and where an excellent support infrastructure exists. Accordingly, SCL Water became distributors and the UK specialist in Grundfos solar borehole pumps in order to deliver on our customer’s key requirements.

SCL Water has been involved in the sale and installation of Grundfos solar borehole pumps for over 15 years and we have many examples where these pumps have helped the farming community to save money.

SCL Water Ltd is the primary UK supplier of Grundfos solar borehole pumps. Including the UK we have now sold the Solar powered SQF, CRF and RSi solutions into over 40 countries with the African continent being our largest market.

If you have an interest in Grundfos solar borehole pumps please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to model a solution to meet your requirements.