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A water well is typically a catchment chamber from which a supply of water is drawn. The difference between a water borehole and water well is normally the diameter and depth of the construction plus the quantity and quality of the supply.

Water wells tend to have a much wider diameter and be much shallower than boreholes, indeed a number of solar powered well pumps are installed in lakes under pontoons. If constructed correctly a borehole will only supply ground water, whilst a well can be filled by surface or groundwater.

There are a number of options for pumping water from wells or lakes using solar power. The first is to install a Grundfos CR Flex solar powered surface pump that draws the water from the well or lake. The second is to install a sleeved submersible Grundfos SQFlex borehole pump into the well or lake. These pumps require no external inverter however if high volumes of water are required then the Grundfos pumps powered by solar energy through their RSi inverter could be suitable.

SCL Water Ltd works closely with Grundfos and as their primary UK distributor for the Grundfos solar powered well pumps we are able to help our customers by modelling their water requirements and selecting the correct solution for them.

The majority of the solar pumps sold by SCL Water are into remote locations where no mains electricity exists. Often obsolete hand pumps have failed and our customers require an alternative solution that is reliable, easy to install and where an excellent support infrastructure exists. This is an ideal opportunity for the customer to install a Grundfos solar powered well pump.

SCL Water Ltd has now sold the Grundfos Solar powered SQF, CRF and RSi well and borehole solutions into over 40 countries with the African continent being our largest market.

If you have an interest in the Grundfos solar powered well pumps please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to model a solution to meet your requirements.