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Communities in remote locations where electricity can only be created through the use of a generator are increasingly looking towards water pumping systems powered by solar energy.

Investing in this technology can be daunting as it is often the first or possibly the only time it is necessary to consider such a system. Because there are many components that comprise a Solar Pump Kit we at SCL Water offer a service that helps our customers to select the correct solution that includes all the items for a successful implementation.
Often our customers will come to us with a particular problem to which they require a solution, be it pumping from a deep water bore hole or transferring water from a lake to a large holding tank. Each situation is different and therefore so are the list of parts.

The physical components are only one part of the Solar Pumping Kit. For example, it is very likely that the destination for the system is a totally different country to the one in which it is purchased. This is particularly true of our UK clients who have a need for solar pumping systems to be exported overseas, often to a location in Africa. In this case our solar pump kits will include the necessary export documentation.
We can also offer advice on the sourcing of some components not often considered to be part of a solar pumping kit. Correctly sizing the electric cable that connects a solar pump in a deep water borehole to the solar panels at the surface is a good example.

Other examples include, the sourcing of the ground mounted frame that holds the solar panels in place or what items are needed to control the water level in a remote holding tank.

SCL Water Ltd is the primary UK supplier of the Grundfos solar powered pumping systems. Including the UK we have now sold the SQF, CRF and RSi solutions into over 40 countries with the African continent being our largest market.
If you have an interest in our solar powered water pumping kits please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to model a solution to meet your requirements.